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Doesn’t need to be Difficult or Expensive

Family law is often associated with horror stories about unhappy results and unhappy people who were cheated, robbed, “taken to the cleaners”, or didn’t see enough of their children. Many horror stories relate to high levels of solicitor costs; many relate to escalating bitterness between the parties and/or children; some relate to long periods of stressful litigation. Most relate to disappointment about outcomes and the delay, costs and stress involved in getting to those outcomes.

Most (if not all) horror stories could have been avoided if at least one of the participants had gained a better understanding of how family law works in practice and a good understanding of those common mistakes that lead to disappointment and to increased costs and delay.

Family law doesn’t need to be difficult or disappointing. It doesn’t need to be expensive. It doesn’t need to be stressful and it doesn’t need to involve bitterness or enmity. But you do need to take a little time to get to know what you’re doing.

It doesn’t take long to start to know what you’re doing and to start to understand the mistakes that most people make and how to avoid them (or to minimise the damage). It takes about two hours and most people find that time very interesting and very useful. Gaining a better understanding of these things means that:

  1. you are better able to communicate with your partner (or ex-partner) and to know what you’re talking about;
  2. you know the difference between what your partner (or ex) says is likely to happen and what is actually likely to happen and you know why;
  3. you know the steps in the process and what to do next and how to avoid going off-track;
  4. you know the difference between a good result, a bad result and an impossible or unrealistic result (and you know when someone is telling you something different);
  5. you know how to avoid the mistakes that cause problems, costs, delays and stress in most cases;
  6. you know how to minimise damage to relationships between parties and children (so that future interactions can be more possible and less difficult).

Call 02 9222 8000 now to make an appointment to learn about family law and how to avoid mistakes. It is a good idea to allow three hours for that first interview. It costs $400.

After the first interview, you will know what you can reasonably expect, what to do next and what not to do. You will also know about likely costs and what to do to keep your matter on track and efficient and time- and cost-effective. All this adds up to being confident and in control and knowing what to do.

What homework do I need to do before I come to see you?

Most of the information we need will probably be in your head. However, it will be a big help if you prepare a list of asset and liability values for both parties that is as up-to-date, as accurate and as complete as is possible in a few days. If there is something that should be on that list but it might cause upset if you ask your partner (or ex) about it (like how much super they have for example) leave it out for now.

Then call 02 9222 8000.

If there are relevant companies or trusts, it would also help to bring copies of the most recent balance sheets and profit and loss accounts if they are available.


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