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Diamond Conway’s team of lawyers have the expertise, knowledge and professionalism to assist you compassionately and skilfully in any situation involving Family Law.

Diamond Conway Lawyers was formed in 2006 when two long-standing and respected law firms, Diamond Peisah and Conway Maccallum, merged. Our team comprises a highly regarded group of practitioners with expertise in a wide range of practice areas and a very strong record of success. Many of our solicitors hold specialist accreditation in areas including Wills & Estates, Advocacy, Immigration Law and Business Law, as well as Family Law.

We are respected across the legal profession for our dedication to each and every one of our clients and for our motivation to seek success on their behalf. While we are a large firm with experience in taking on complex cases, we offer the kind of personalised service that clients would expect from a smaller firm. Our lawyers pride themselves on being approachable and highly efficient, and on their confident attitude to assisting clients to achieve the best results possible.

Family Law is one of Diamond Conway’s areas of special expertise. Our legal team includes an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, partner Tom Doumanis, who is widely respected for his leadership in the field. Family Law cases can often be emotional, but our legal team will always work to ensure that the process is as free from stress as it can be and that it impacts as little as possible on your daily life. We offer a compassionate ear, understanding your unique family situation while ensuring you receive expert advice and legal service.

Family Law is a very broad area of law and addresses many issues relating to everyday life and relationships. Our Family Law specialists at Diamond Conway can advise and assist you with any legal matters relating to family or domestic life, whether you are planning to marry, to live together or to adopt children, or if you are seeking a divorce or separation. Our specialist team can also advise and assist you with matters relating to Wills and Estates and Property disputes.

In any Family Law case, our first priorities are to ensure the welfare of all parties involved, especially children, and to seek a resolution outside court, through meditation. If this unsuccessful, we have the experience to seek a result in court, efficiently and with vigorous advocacy for our clients’ wishes. At Diamond Conway we offer a highly professional service in every Family Law situation and are committed to securing the best possible results for all our clients.

For expert advice on any matter relating to Family Law, call Diamond Conway Family Lawyers today on 02 9222 8000.